Yingko Advabtages

Certificate Area

YINGKO requires that all raw materials used by suppliers comply with REACH regulation SVHC (highly pay close attention substance) can not surpass 0.1% weight ratio.

YINGKO comprehensively requires that the raw materials used by suppliers complying with the content request for RoHS regulation (2011/65/EU and 2015/863/EU).

Why do you choose YINGKO?

you rest assured to use by sufficient diligent in our work.


Green Supply Chain

Material point:

YINGKO REACH, RoHS, FDA, PAHS, NSF, WRAS...purchases the material that comply with REACH, RoHS, FDA, PAHS, NSF, WRAS...etc. material specification. In addition, we demand our suppliers to supply "Material quality certificate/declaration", "Inspection Report/declaration", "Non-poisonous Certificate"..etc. Reports to insure to comply with international standard.

Equipment Point:

  • Our whole set of machines have installed frequency conversion, energy-saving module which can save pump power consumption to reach up to 30% so that increase production benefits.
  • We are progressively out with old and in with the new and install new machines.

Manufacturing point:

We emphasize streamlined source. During producing, we take steps to minimize evaluation of resources usage, correct usage parameter of raw material, and manufacturing process technology to reach the optimization and minimization of material usage ratio.

Handle waste:

  • Our raw edge of silicone have reached up to 100% recycling.
  • The raw edge of rubber: We have increasingly purchsed several sets of "cold rubber way without scrap ejection machine" since 2016.

Concluding Remarks:YINGKO strictly comply with the related regulation of circumstance and never has had any record of being fined about envionmental protection by PRC (National Bureau of environmental protection).

Cause 2

Regulatory Compliance

YINGKO comply with the regulation and cooperate with the professional rubber laboratory which approved by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF), therefore rubber formula comply with the regulation of various countries, like American Material Norm (ASTM, MIL, UL, AMS), Germany Material Norm (DIN), Japan Material Norm(JIS) etc. To satisfy the demands of customers.

Cause 3

Flexible production line.

Not only mass production but also diverse small amount, YINGKO can coordinate customers’ delivery through FMS and lower the waste of manufacturing procedures through. (YINGKO management + TOYOTA way management spiritual)

Cause 4

Quality control

Producing process design

Output Quality Control

Incoming Quality Control

Finished Products Quality Control

In-Process Quality Control

Our R&D and producing personnel often discuss together the issues about products’ performance, schedule, reliability, cost and producing process in order to satisfy our customers with the quality and cost.
When incoming material, “Certificate of material quality” , “vulcanization diagram” must be enclosed. Unqualified material must be all refused to accept.
According to the specification of finished products, We proceed the inspection for the first piece, regualar tour of inspection , the last piece inspection,etc.
We proceed the inspection of finished products again to insure to stop effusion of defective product.
We let pass the qualified, but the unqualified must be returned to work or fix. Only zero defective products can leave the factory.

Our core value on producing process:

Discover problems

prevent happenings again

Solve problems

“Quality management is the process of closely interconnected and inseparable in fortune” It starts from the design of producing process before producing till shipment delivery. YINGKO all crew dedicate to use all of our strength to ensure reaching up to “Lead Quality, Satisfied Customers, Accurate delivery”.

YINGKO introduction

YINGKO Rubber Enterprise CO., LTD established in 1988.We focus on producing all sorts of rubber and silicone products: including foot shock absorber, buffer pad, dust cover, silicone items of edible level, silicone items of medical treatment level which can apply to high tech electronics industry, electrical manufacturers, medical treatment industry, petrochemical industry, foodstuff industry, consumer goods, bike, motorbike and auto industry, pet industry and conventional industries. In order to respond accordingly to our turnover growth, YINGKO proceeded a plan to extend a new building in as well as purchased additionally manufacturing equipment which lead to a brand-new “cold rubber way without scrap ejection machine” and add all sorts of new types “1000-ton large machine”, “rubber vacuum forming machine”, “automatized cutting material machine” and “automatized removing raw edge” etc. All these equipments can substantially increase our capacity and quality. In addition, we can supply “raw material certificate/declaration” or “inspection report/declaration” of each item to insure our products complying with international standard.