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Product introduction
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Special kind rubber: acid-proof, alkali-proof, acid-proof and alkali-proof rubber, solvent resistant rubber.

Description & features

Fluorine rubber (Fluoro rubber, FKM,VITON) have excellent solvent-proof nature, medicine-proof nature, fuel oil proof nature, fluorination-proof nature, heat-proof nature, vacuum-proof nature, anti-aging etc. features. They will have different features according to the fluorine contain.

Have often seen fluorine rubber:

fluorine contentkinddescription
65~66% binary fluoro rubberexcellent acid-heat-fuel oil-solvent resistant hight temperature compression forever deformation etc. features which are combined to one unit to be synthetic rubber.
67~70% ternary fluoro rubberCompare with binary fluoro rubber with superior acid-pliable-steam-machine erformance resistant etc. can totally enhance medicine tolerance and fuel oil resistant.
74~76%complete fluoro rubberCan used for harder circumstance that common fluorine rubber can't stand and have superior chemical property
resistant and chemical compatibility of nearly common usage.

Chemistry resistance

binary fluoro rubberternary fluoro rubbercomplete fluoro rubber
Diesel Fuel OilAAA
Hydrochloric Acid (70%)AAA
Oxalic AcidAAA
Nitric Acid (70%)CBA
Methyl AlcoholDBA
Hydroflouric Acid (75%)DDA
A:Excellent B:Suitable C:Fair D:Not Recommended

Yingko can help you conquer the demands of severe circumstances for semiconductor, oil industry, natural gas industry and chemical industry etc.

YINGKO advantages

First advantage

We have increasingly set up several “ fluoro rubber special purpose machines” help you reduce the cost and increase capacity and yield.

Second advantage

We develops and have techical cooperation together with (Japan Daikin) and (American Business 3M) and gets excellent evaluation in the fields.

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