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Product introduction
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antistatic rubber, antistatic silicone , conductive rubber, conductive silicone.

Description & features

  1. antistatic rubber, antistatic silicone: Antistatic rubber and antistatic silicone products have the function of eliminating electrostatic reactions and shielding electromagnetic waves to protect the safety of people and machines and to prevent fires, electric shocks, and other accidents caused by low voltage circuit leakage.
  2. electrically conductive rubber, electrically conductive silicone: After being filled with conductive material, it has the properties of electrical conductivity, shielding resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, and so forth. It is widely used in aerospace, medical, electronic, and other industries to resist electromagnetic interference.

YINGKO advantage

YINGKO has 2.0 cm.Ω electrically conductive silicone.

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