Product introduction
Product introduction
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Rubber pad, Silicone pad, Rubber washer, Silicone washer

Description & features

Packing: Gaskets, Seals
Gaskets and seals made of rubber or silicone are used to fill the gaps between two objects, ensuring a tight seal when the objects are joined together. Gaskets can also serve as spacers to protect the surface of the mating parts from abrasion.
YGR offers a complete production line for various types of rubber gaskets, silicone gaskets, and other related products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Comparison for commomly seen rubber washer, silicone washer

rubber flat washer, silicone flat washerrubber seal ring, silicone seal ring
fracturefracture is square
fracture is round
advantageeasy bending, easy compressionseal effect is superior than flat washer, can be better seated with contact surface
noticed matterpressure intolerancesuperior pressure resistance

YINGKO advantages

Yingko have professionally manufacturing experience and satisfy the customized size。

Use the material that have been certified by FDA, USP-VI, ISO-10993.

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