Product introduction
Product introduction
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All sorts of seal items: water-proof ring, packing, washer; drinking water certification

Description & features

Gasket: Washer, Cushion.

  • YGR ‘s gasket products, including washers and cushions, serve as robust protectors for your mechanical equipment. They not only ensure sealing integrity but also effectively prevent liquids or particles from infiltrating the machinery, thus enhancing reliability and stability. Whether facing temperatures as high as 300°C or as low as -100°C, or even chemical corrosive environments, our range of gaskets can operate reliably, ensuring safe operation in various extreme conditions.

As a professional rubber and silicone manufacturer, we offer a variety of materials including NBR, CR, EPDM, Silicone, Conductive Silicone, FKM, etc., to ensure our gasket products are suitable for diverse environments.

  • YGR places utmost importance on the health and safety of drinking water consumers. Therefore, we independently produce drinking water formula rubber materials, rigorously controlling raw materials to eliminate any potential contamination. Our materials not only obtain drinking water certification but also fully comply with international standards, ensuring the safety and reliability of our products, and providing customers with the highest level of protection.
  • YGR has obtained multiple drinking water certifications, including NSF in the United States, WRAS in the United Kingdom, KTW in Germany, and ACS in France. Customers are welcome to contact us at any time to obtain relevant certification documents.

YINGKO advantages

Yingko have standard specification seals which can be also customized.
YINGKO's advantages: The rubber materials used by YINGKO are in compliance with the drinking water quality certification of various countries/regions.

The factors of affect the effect of seal items.


The height of pressure and the circle change of pressure will affect the life of seal items. The higher pressure the cause of affecting seal items is bigger. Its involving affect the other factors, such as temperature, speed, choice usage of material and the gap between seal items and contact surface. If it appears crack, the whole hydraulic pressure pneumatic component is going to lose effectiveness.


When operating seal items,temperature will change following it, therefore, it is harder to regulate the proper temperature to use seal items.


The following factors will affect the friction between seal items and object's surface. Such as: surface rough degree, surface feature, temperature, pressure, medium, seal items' pattern, seal items material and operating speed.

Seal items'surface rough degree.

If seal items'surface is higher rough degree,seal items' moving speed and standing surface pressure and medium temperature will become direct ratio. It will cause damage of seal items.

The best seal pad have commonly hard surface and the inside soft.
Hard surface: can guarantee inside seal property. Inside soft : can maintain a regular flexibility to be able to have the effect of deformation.

Yingko help you choose the material of seal items.
Seal items should be considered the following essential factors.

Right time Noticed matter
Before usage The customer inform the demand of material quality, usage situation. Such as high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance.
When operating with
  • Excellent elasticity, ,moderate hardness, less compression deformation ratio.
  • Tearing resistance, abrasion resistabt etc. performance.
  • After usage
  • reduce the probability of hardening, soluble swell, tear and separate.
  • test:tensile strength, extension ratio…etc machine physical performance.
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