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Product introduction
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Special kind rubber: oil proof rubber, fire resistant rubber, fire resistant silicone.

Description & features

Specialty Rubber refers to rubber materials that offer specific performance characteristics such as oil resistance, flame retardancy, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, and high gas tightness, making them suitable for various specialized applications.
  • Oil-resistant rubber: When oil-resistant rubber comes into contact with grease, it maintains its physical properties and chemical stability without softening, corroding, or losing elasticity. Oil-resistant rubber typically exhibits the following characteristics:
    1.  Oil resistance: It can resist various oil substances such as lubricating oil, rust preventive oil, cutting oil, and fuel oil.
    2. Abrasion resistance: Oil-resistant rubber is often made of high-quality rubber materials such as nitrile rubber (NBR) or chloroprene rubber (CR), which have high wear resistance to ensure the structural integrity of parts during long-term use.
    3. High temperature resistance: It can maintain oil resistance even in high-temperature environments. TGR is a professional rubber manufacturer capable of adjusting formulations according to customers’ different temperature resistance requirements.
    4. Excellent elasticity and resilience: It quickly returns to its original shape after being stressed, ensuring the sealing effect of sealing components.
The selection of suitable oil-resistant rubber depends on the specific application environment.
  • Flame-retardant rubber and flame-retardant silicone: Products with the characteristics of reducing flame spread rate, delaying ignition, and self-extinguishing quickly. They are suitable for use in high-temperature and flammable environments.
YGR has extensive experience in rubber and silicone manufacturing and is ready to provide you with the best solutions.

Nitrile-butadiene- rubber have the following features:

hight temperature resistant150℃170℃
low temperature resistant-20℃-40℃

acid-proof gasoline

have 5 times than standard formula NBR

wear resistant

increase 80% than standard formula NBR

apply to

oil transfusion rubber tube, fuel rubber tube, auto inside seal items...etc.

YINGKO advantages

Adopt environmental protection fire resistant agent to solve the circumstance pollution problem of traditional halogen fire resistant agent.

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