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YGR established in 1988.We focus on producing all sorts of rubber and silicone products: including foot shock absorber, buffer pad, dust cover, silicone items of edible level, silicone items of medical treatment level which can apply to high tech electronics industry, electrical manufacturers, medical treatment industry, petrochemical industry, foodstuff industry, consumer goods, bike, motorbike and auto industry, pet industry and conventional industries.

In order to respond accordingly to our turnover growth, YINGKO proceeded a plan to extend a new building in as well as purchased additionally manufacturing equipment which lead to a brand-new “cold rubber way without scrap ejection machine” and add all sorts of new types “1000-ton large machine”, “rubber vacuum forming machine”, “automatized cutting material machine” and “automatized removing raw edge” etc.
All these equipments can substantially increase our capacity and quality.
In addition, we can supply “raw material certificate/declaration” or “inspection report/declaration” of each item to insure our products complying with international standard.

That rubber and silicone raw materials used by Yingko's suppliers can assist in obtaining certifications such as ROHS, FDA, PFOS/REACH/ODC..etc.
Our producing process comply with ISO 9001 international standard certificate.

The latest news.

2023 mid-year summary

YingKo Rubber successfully passed the ISO 9001 review again. In addition to actively marketing itself, Thank you for the introduction and promotion between customers, our

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2023年 年中總結

英格橡膠再次順利通過ISO 9001審查,除了積極行銷自我之外, 也謝謝客戶之間的介紹與推廣,我司順利進入多家知名上市公司之供應鏈

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