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Product introduction
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Silicone, Silica gel;Antimicrobial Silicone, Antimicrobial Silica gel

Description & features

Silicone Advantages: YGR’s silicone products are characterized by being non-toxic, odorless, chemically stable, and of high purity. They are suitable for various industries such as civil, medical, pharmaceutical, and electronics.

  •  The outstanding biocompatibility of silicone makes it widely used in the manufacturing of medical equipment and medical supplies, ensuring compatibility with human tissues, reducing user risks, and enhancing the safety of medical equipment.
  •  Silicone has high transparency and offers a wide range of color options from transparent to vibrant colors.
  •  Being odorless and tasteless, silicone is an ideal choice for food contact. This feature ensures that it does not affect the taste or odor of food when in contact, thus maintaining the original flavor and quality of food.
  •  Silicone products exhibit excellent physical properties such as wear resistance, temperature resistance, tensile strength, and elastic recovery, maintaining stability and performance in various extreme environments. Its good processability means it can be easily molded into various shapes and sizes during manufacturing.
  • Even under high pressure, high temperature, or other harsh environmental conditions, the excellent electrical insulation properties of silicone can remain stable, reliably protecting equipment from electrical interference.
  • Silicone products perform exceptionally well in extreme environments, whether facing severe storms, freezing snow, humid environments, or intense ultraviolet rays. With a wide hardness range from 10 to 80 Shore hardness, silicone maintains flexibility and elasticity under various temperature conditions.

Antibacterial Silicone: YGR uses antibacterial powder developed in Japan, with antibacterial ingredients that are not easily volatile. Even under normal temperature and humidity conditions, it can exert long-lasting antibacterial effects, effectively preventing bacterial growth and providing users with a more hygienic and safe environment.

  • Antibacterial silicone has obtained national safety certifications in the United States, Europe, and Japan, ensuring non-toxicity and safe food contact.
  • In addition to its antibacterial function, antibacterial silicone also exhibits excellent physical properties and durability.

YINGKO advantages

First advantage

Use the material that have been certified by FDA, USP-VI, ISO-10993.

Second advantage

Silicone raw edge, waste can reach up 100% recycling. We try to exercise our mental capabilities for our next generation.

Third advantage

Professionally customized: color, specification, and packing all can be made according to the customer's request.

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