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Product introduction
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Silicone, Silica gel;Antimicrobial Silicone, Antimicrobial Silica gel

Description & features

Supply “no-poison no-odor”, “chemical property stability”, “high clean level” silicone parts those are suitable to use for consumer goods, medical treatment, pharmacy and electronic industries.

Antimicrobial silicone, antimicrobial silica gel: Japan developed silicone materials, antimicrobial materials that are not easy to volatilize and have long-lasting antimicrobial effects at normal temperature and humidity. Concurrently, they have also acquired national safety certification in the United States, Europe, and Japan as they are non-toxic and can be in contact with food.

YINGKO advantages

First advantage

Use the material that have been certified by FDA, USP-VI, ISO-10993.

Second advantage

Silicone raw edge, waste can reach up 100% recycling. We try to exercise our mental capabilities for our next generation.

Third advantage

Professionally customized: color, specification, and packing all can be made according to the customer's request.

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